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26/07 2011

Batimat – International Building Exhibition

Batimat - Salone Internazionale dell'EdiliziaBatimat 2011

Energy efficiency, Accessibility of buildings:
The 2 major themes of BATIMAT 2011

By shining the spotlight on innovations and trends, BATIMAT 2011 is a springboard for exhibiting manufacturers that allows them to unveil their innovations in response to the challenges posed by new regulations governing energy efficiency and accessibility for all. These two major themes will also be extensively represented through innovations entered for the Innovation Awards and the Design Trophies, which visitors will be able to view in the Innovation Space (hall 4) as well as in the New Products Guide DVD (in 2009, 154 innovations were entered for the Awards and there were over 1, 000 new products).

BATIMAT 2011, as a forum for discussions and the sharing of experiences, will host several conference spaces (Rendez-vous des Architectes [Architect’s Meeting], Forum Actualités Construction [Construction Developments Forum…) that will allow visitors and exhibitors to stay abreast of the new regulations and the development of practices that they are imposing on those involved in the construction industry.

ZOOM, the show within the show dedicated to fittings In & Out, will offer a comprehensive view of accessibility in its Zoom Access space and will take a specific look at Design For All – something that is today a necessity and that must become a reality.

Six model projects from around the world where these principles have been applied will be on show in Design for All by Batimat and, for the first time in France, this will be an opportunity to show visitors actual responses to the problems of accessibility.

During the show, Design for All by Batimat will also be a place where the partners of the Design for All Foundation and the Tuttimobi Association, the French representative of the Design for All Foundation, which has been supporting accessibility since 2002 both in terms of the physical reality and underlying attitudes, will be on hand to answer question and to talk about the challenges of accessibility for all.

In parallel with this, an Access visitor trail will be laid out and details of it will be available at the entrances to the show. It will highlight innovations developed by exhibitors to promote accessibility and ease of use for everyone.

BATIMAT 2011 goes to town

In 2011, BATIMAT will be working with the City of Paris to create a dynamic series of OFF events in the heart of Paris itself.

Known for its architectural features and wonderful buildings, the City of Paris and its Mayor Bertrand Delanoë are actively supporting the BATIMAT initiative by allowing it to take over various buildings in the capital and by backing this up with all the power of a great world capital. This partnership will allow trade visitors – and also of course the Parisians who are the show’s host – to discover model projects and innovations located in Paris and its environs.

. The OFF trail in Paris and its environs
When they register for the show, visitors will also be able to choose to register for one of the 10 guided tours of new buildings and recently renovated Paris monuments that are good examples of both architecture and interior fittings and environmental and technological innovations. A BATIMAT OFF guide will be distributed at the show to all those who want to discover these projects for themselves. It will also include the Paris show-rooms of ZOOM exhibitors as well as a unique map to the architecture of the capital published in partnership with the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

These OFF trails will complement the programme of guided tours organized for delegations of international architects as well as French and foreign journalists.

. Perspectives and the gloablization of construction at the Musée du Quai Branly
The Sommet International de la Construction / International Building Summit organized by BATIMAT and Groupe Moniteur will welcome the heads of leading manufacturers and construction companies, who will share their views of the current and future place of Europe in a constantly changing world. There will also be an in-depth look at the economic situation of the construction sector.



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