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10/01 2018

Color design & technology

Becoming Color Consultant at Politecnico di Milano

Back in April 2018, the only Master who trains color experts

 3 Scholarships available thanks to Associazione Italiana Colore and Konika-Minolta besides 4 financial aids of 25%


Held in English in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Colore , launches the 3rd edition of the International Specializing Master in Color Design & Technology, held in English.

The Specializing Master aims to train professional figures capable of managing technological and design issues relating to the use of color in a range of professional fields: from the design of industrial products to the architecture of interiors, from communications to fashion, from shows to urban spaces design.

Professional “Color  Consultants”, who will be able to satisfy the growing demand for experts in all aspects of the use of color, in terms of the technicalities, as a means of expression and design.

Ten didactic units and the internship compose the didactic plan.

The first four teaching modules, run by Associazione Italiana Colore, are dedicated to developing fundamental skills in terms of the theories, methods and tools of color design.

The next five are dedicated to developing advanced design and color skills in five contexts: interiors, exteriors, industrial products, visual communication and fashion.

The Specializing Master includes a final internship by companies or professional firms which deal with color in various settings; this is preceded by a phase of corporate empowerment, which has been designed to facilitate insertion into the workplace.

 Not surprisingly, companies and professionals in the sector proved to be particularly receptive to this new training product from the outset. The previous editions of the Specializing Master thus took place with the participation or support of: Konica Minolta, Oikos, Create, Ceramica Vogue, Materis, Ncs Natural Colour System, Clariant, Missoni, Boero Group, Max Meyer, X-Rite Pantone, Mantero, Barco, Barbieri, Elementi Moda, Fontegrafica, Lechler.

Admissions are open, lessons are starting on April 2018.

Thanks to Gruppo del Colore – Associazione Italiana Colore, 3 scholarships of 3.500€ are available, one of which is sponsored  by Konica Minolta, besides 4 financial aids of 25% that will be assigned until they run out, in chronological order of student registrations.

The First-level Specializing Master is open to candidates who have a university degree in Science, Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design (or equivalent qualifications under the law), or in other disciplines where the Master course is complementary to the candidate’s previous experiences.

The number of students admitted is 30.

For information please contact Training Office: +39 02 2399 5911

Press Contact Communication Office

Tel. (+39) 02.2399.7201

Antonio Di Martino

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