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29/06 2013

Light and Matter

It was held on Saturday, on June 22 at Mettinluce, the “Light and Matter” round table with the participation of important professional men.
Antonella Amico, engineer, AIDI member, introduced the evening, explaining the reasons that led to the organization of this conference, whose title enhances the importance of the relationship between matter and therefore materials considered as industrial innovation as a key element of the design, and the light, which, if properly designed and managed, is capable of enhancing the subject both in the environmental and in the architectural field.
Then the intervention of Ettore Mocchetti, Director of the magazine AD, who enhances the role of light, which is essential in human life since the beginning of the world, Fiat Lux, , let there be light, Genesis 1.3 . Artificial light is able to create the most incredible atmospheres, for the interior and exterior environments, it is able to reveal the monuments value, heritage of our culture. The italian heritage through tourism could become the oil of our land.

Key concept of his speech: the importance of skills for what concerns the light design, even in the context of interior design, the most beautiful houses are those in which light is an essential element, light gives form and value, those environments express something, express emotions, light is emotion.
The second brilliant speaker Giovanna Castiglioni, Achille Castiglioni Foundation. She begins to speak, immediately involving the audience, about the creative and celebrated father, who loved both natural and artificial light. To not lose his studies, his experiences, his methods, his research, his emotions, Giovanna changed the Castiglioni Studio into a museum, in Piazza Castello, 21, in Milan.
Achille Castiglioni graduated in Architecture in ’44 and with this two brothers, Livio and PierGiacomo after the war, rebuilt the city.
In his study it is possible to find books and magazines like Domus, Casabella, Abitare, that made the history of furniture, of architecture.

She highlights the importance of industrial design, of beauty, but also of the object itself, in his father’ s study there are folders and folders of projects and prototypes. The importance of the relationship between graphic design and architecture, there are also many photos of friends and designers gathered in the meeting room, to discuss, to explore, light and matter, exchanges from which are born famous objects of the made in Italy, still loved and used. The study so becomes Castiglioni Foundation, therefore, the importance of saving the Italian design, the true story of the birth of an exciting product, combined with the attention to innovative materials and research.
So the close connection between light, material and curiosity, shape and use.
The Museum keeps prototypes, technical drawings, open letters to big names such as Gillo Dorfles. A museum but with a strong energy, where there are often college students, moving equipments, new items and new projects.

The last to speak is Danilo Paleari, Department Design Engineer- Politecnico Milano, a teacher in the Master in Lighting Design. Key concept of his speech is represented by the relationship between design and new technologies, the LED revolution, light will be at the solid state, the importance of the sources in the design. With the LEDs there has been a real revolution in the lighting world, a point source able to change color temperature, it can give added value to the design, there are various Led types and they occupy a small area. According to the engineer Paleari the future of design is in the great possibility of this new technology.
They can be moulded and integrated in the materials, without generating heat, light, therefore, becomes a raw material (Michele De Lucchi), it is possible to say that the contemporary moment is decisive for the design of new lamps, a means of regaining stimuli and sensations.



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