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7/04 2008

Architectural Lighting

by the Free Academy of Light
Comune di Umbertide and Centro culturale S.Francesco

24-25-26 h to the 15th of February 2006 in Umbertide (PG)

The course is directed towards people that need formation about lighting engineering, in particular building and architectural planners, employees of corporations working in the lighting field, of firms of production and distribution of lighting fixtures, technicians of installation in the lighting engineering field, lighting designers.

The aim of the course is to furnish the foundations of this subject both from the theoretical and from the applicational point of view.
It wants to make students acquire the notions and the principal concepts with regard to specific subjects: lighting sources and fittings: their principles of operation, the understanding of the interaction between light and environment, the knowledge of the lighting technique calculations, the methods and criterions of lighting engineering planning.

There will be also the possibility to experiment the acquired knowledge through exercises, approaching the planning of light, to anticipate and to interpret its results with new competences in order to master the subject.

The course is based on three fundamental aspects: technical-scientific teaching (in which the physical laws are analyzed), applicational-projectual teaching (in order to propose the useful methods and tools for the projects realization and presentation), historical-cultural teaching (in order to insert the planning of light within the wider field of all the other projectual subjects).

With this didactic methodology the course wants to teach a sort of critical culture, that is necessary to obtain the best solution for the customer exigencies.
The teachers will be:

Francesca Marchetti (skilled and competent in History of Art)
Prof. Piergiorgio Capparucci (skilled and competent in Architectural Lighting)
Roberto Bartolo (Architect)
Maurizio Gianandrea (President of the Free Academy of Light



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