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19/07 2008

Lighting Design. Dai fondamenti al CAD – 3rd edition

Lighting Design. Dai fondamenti al CAD – 3rd edition
Academic year 2008-09
Dip. In.D.A.Co. – Design Faculty – Politecnico di Milano
Direction: prof. Maurizio Rossi

The permanent training course, realized also with the contribution of Oxytech and Philips, that will take place in October 2008, aims to introduce and deepen the Lighting Design thematic in interiors as well in exteriors. The educational proposal, oriented to professionals and technicians with or without a bachelor degree, that work in the field of lighting design and sales manager of laboratories and technical offices, is scheduled in 7 modules (64 hours) in which there will be exercises and applications of lighting CAD, especially on light sources used in interior and exterior. Starting from illuminating engineering and photometry fundamentals up to interior (natural and artificial light) and exterior (urban areas, streets and tunnels) Lighting Design; handling in appropriate way, photometric data of luminaires, quantitative count of the illuminance, luminance, and glare value for different fields of application.
A 15% discount is provided for AIDI members that applies for the whole class.
The lessons will take place mainly in the Luce & Colore laboratory of Politecnico di Milano. All lectures will be given in Italian.

For information on the didactic program
Dr. Andrea Siniscalco: tel 02 2399 5696 – –

For any other information
dr. Angelo Sabbioni: tel 02 2399 5966 fax 02 2399 7230 –



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