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20/06 2017


Course and Workshop

Course (60 hours): 04 – 15 September 2017

Workshop (44 hours): 18 – 29 September 2017

Where: Laboratorio LUCE – Via Candiani 72 B4 Building, Milan (Italy)

Administered by:, Politecnico di Milano

The second edition of the course and workshop will be held in September 2017 with the proposal to focus on arguments the arguments related to Lighting Product Design.

The prerequisites to apply to the course are a basic knowledge of electrical engineering (voltage, electric power, electrical resistance, electric current, etc.) and illuminating engineering (luminous flux, illuminance, luminance, inverse-square law, etc.).

Course and workshop are under the patronage of AIDI (Associazione Italiana Di Illuminazione), APIL (Associazione Professionisti dell’Illuminazione), ASSIL (Associazione nazionale produttori Illuminazione), ASSODEL (Associazione nazionale fornitori Elettronica) and ASSOLUCE (Associazione delle aziende italiane produttrici di apparecchi di illuminazione).

The course and workshop faculty is composed by: Marco Angelini, Paolo Bernardelli, Daria Casciani, Danilo Giannetti, Catia Grossi, Angelo Moretti, Fulvio Musante, Pietro Palladino, Diego Quadrio, Maurizio Rossi, Franco Rusnati, Piero Santoro, Paolo Segù, Andrea Siniscalco, Andrea Verzella, Fabio Zanola.

The course goes from fundamentals on radiometry and colorimetry to LEDs family and identification, chromaticity and dynamic white generation; design and evaluation of optical system, thermal dissipation and power supply; photometric measurement, standards, photo biological hazard and case studies. The workshop is intended to give the student a broad overview of the design/development process with tangible results till the creation of a completely custom lamp.

Course and workshop will be held in English language.

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