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14/11 2013

Seminars of colour

The Color Group – Colour Italian Association of:

Organized as part of the Master COLOR DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY

November the 20th, 2013 Consortium of Politecnico di Milano
Via Durando 38 / A – Classroom 2.4 – MILAN

10:00 Registration

10:30 The color in Architecture ( Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis – Politecnico of Milan). The colour, for its psychological meanings and its capacity of communication is one of the fundamental elements of design : from monochrome to polychrome up to the “non- colors”, the real essence of an interior project , can be find through the colors and shades perceived by our sight, creating the first impression .
A series of examples that have the color as a primary element of the project from knit -art, up to construction.

11:30 the element of Color in architectural design and interior design:
examples of polychromatic and monochromatic approaches (Lorenzo Morganti – Politecnico of Milan).
The color in architecture and interior design has always the capacity to radically change the perception of space, giving a mood to inanimate places, or changing them in the human imagination.

There will be the analysis of some examples of the contemporary use of colour, considering the two great families of the polychromatic and monochromatic approach, that is the two sides of the same colour vision of the project , based on simplification of the interventions and the relativization of projects according to the context.

14:00 Colour as project component ( Mario Bisson – Politecnico of Milan). The color is a fundamental element of design which determines the effectiveness of the project both from a communication point of view and a psychological,functional and ergonomic point of view.
15:30 lateral thinking: experiences of creative communication ( Lia Luzzatto – Color and Colours ).

Participation is free after the registration via e-mail (up to 19/11 18:00 ):



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