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5/05 2015

Michelangelo’s David

On 27th February there was a meeting, sponsored by YIL, involving light and new technologies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

It was showed at people a research born started in the contest of the course of “Digital applications for visual art” coordinated and curated by the professor Donato Maniello ( Studio).

The installation, entitled “Michelangelo’s David”, is the demonstration of how new technologies can play a fine role for the enhancement of cultural heritage of a nation.

To achieve and prove such result, in this project it was used a particular technique of augmented reality called video mapping with the aim of reevaluating the replica in scale of the world famous “David” by Michelangelo, sculpture present in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts of Napoli.

The action of reevaluation is not to be considered as an attempt to substitute the peculiar value of the work itself.

GloWArp ( is a visual communication studio based in Puglia in 2010, understood in the most modern of the term. We are a indipendent place of research and We are recognized as a Centre of Independent Cultural Production according to the mapping of the GAI (Young Italian Artists). We offer our know-how for all those who want to communicate in new ways. Add an extra dimension to the communication that is emotional, transforming any surface into a dynamic display, creating a virtual second skin to the existing one using modern digital techniques. gloWArp is also committed to the promotion of cultural heritage through performances and/or installations. Transfer our know-how through training workshops on modern techniques of digital manipulation in the audio/video. Finally gloWArp curated the first international edition of “Magmart Festival 2013 – Videomapping” , Ostuni (Br).
The fields of application are: videomapping indoor / outdoor, video art, audio / video performance, interactive installations, virtual sets for theater companies stable. The showcase will explore the following topics through an interactive presentation:

gloWArp’s concept;



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