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29/05 2015

Master Strategic Design




Enroll for classes starting in October to understand and address design as

a strategic factor of innovation and competitiveness for businesses

Returning in October the Master in Strategic Design (MDS), one of the historic master’s course of the

Politecnico di Milano, delivered by the Consorzio

Now in its XVII edition the Master reappears on the international academic scene with a completely

updated formula (featured on a new specially dedicated website with the aim of

shaping real innovation managers, professionals capable of providing visionary entrepreneurship

inspired ever more by design, understood as a strategic imperative.

Whereas design is becoming a pervasive element in the competition between companies from

different sectors (from furniture to fashion, from accessories to the world of high-technology, from food

to transport, etc.), “doing design” does not just mean creating new products, but results in the

implementation of real innovative business models, which integrate products, services and


Increasingly businesses “position” themselves with design, they “differentiate” themselves

through design and enhance their performance using design in different contexts, from Research

and Development to the Marketing and Strategy departments of the Company. Design thus appears as

a key factor required for innovation in businesses that aim to be competitive in national and

international markets, avoiding being overwhelmed by changing systems and contexts and, on

the contrary, seizing in timely fashion the new challenges and opportunities offered by each


With an international profile and an established educational approach of great relevance for

companies, the Master in Strategic Design, taught entirely in English, has as its main objective the

training of professionals able to take on a planning or management role in the process of innovation in

the system-product, developing in the participants those personal qualities (of planning,

entrepreneurship in their own right, vision and complexity management) which can guide and

accelerate their path towards the assumption of leadership in the development of strategic projects

for the company.

In summary, then, the Master has the goal of teaching how to use design and designers within

various professional fields: winning marketing strategies need to intercept trends and consumption

patterns; similarly, to launch a new technology, it is necessary to identify the design able to win over old

and new customers; finally, in the development of a management idea, the distinctive characteristics

and uniqueness of the “entrepreneurial formula” must be determined and established. The focus of the

entire activity is the design of the system-product or the combination of integrated products, services

and communication that represent the interface between the company and the market, as well as the

tangible expression of its strategy and the way in which it presents itself.

This approach is strategic design oriented, summarized with a few fundamental and key-words:

Design, Management, New entrepreneurship, Technology management, Innovation, Product-

Service System.

The Master is aimed at graduates in architecture, industrial design, engineering and social sciences-

humanities, with an aptitude for dealing with problems of innovation and business management and

technicians and managers with an interest in understanding the culture and working methods of design

and enhancing its potential in defining business strategies.



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