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28/08 2015

Mr. Weissbard’s workshop. Lectio Magistralis

“Executing the Design: The idea is not enough”

Realizing a successful lighting design project means more than just coming up with a great idea. Lighting design, like all the theater arts, is steeped in communication.
A successful project depends on effective communication with producers and venues, materials providers, technical staff and show running crew. Proper documentation is critical for ensuring that a project be maintained with integrity and rebuilt with accuracy without relying on memory or staff retention.
Over two days, Mr. Weissbard’s workshop will chart the evolution of various projects from inception to realization and subsequent adaptation, highlighting the special tools and techniques used to create his unique projects and ensure that the initial creative ideas were constructed as planned.

Attendees will see a wealth of examples of different documentation methods and learn their relevance through in-depth studies of fully realized projects.



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