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11/09 2012


Electronic & Lighting

Illuminotronica is the event dedicated to LED technology and its application in the lighting sector. The word “Illuminotronica” has been created to identify LED/Solid State Lighting technologies in lighting engineering and to give our industry’s lighting innovations a prominent position in the worldwide panorama. Assodel (Italian Association of Electronic Suppliers) promotes Illuminotronica, the unique professional event in Italy addressed to “Electronic & Lighting” world’s operators.
The event will be articulated in a rich plan of conferences, coordinated by Assodel’s Technical Committee and in a community area of meeting between the supply and the demand; the “live” exhibition of lamps and lighting systems will show the conjugation between design and technology.
Furthermore, an “educational” session will propose a series of workshop and tutorial.
In the solid state lighting market,

THURSDAY 11th October (2 pm – 6 pm)

Conference: Street & Urban Lighting
Addressed to Public Bodies, buyers, installers, technical managers in the lighting industry, ESCO and Municipalized companies.
- The Urban dimension of light: how to design a public lighting system
- The Return on investment using Led technologies
- Project financing: opportunities reserved to Public Administrations and Municipalities
- Security, energy efficiency, energy saving and light pollution: the key points of a lighting plant
- The city of Art between past history and future technologies

Special initiatives – day 1

Ecohitech Award
the award for the best sustainable technologies used in urban areas, especially dedicated to street lighting projects.
the open discussion on innovation and technology for specialists
Training courses
LED lighting technology and design courses for beginners
Leddove Gallery
the showroom of the most innovative products and systems for LED lighting

Friday 12th October (9 am – 6 pm)

1. Conference: LED Lighting for professionals
Addressed to engineers, Lighting specialist, Field application engineers, Lighting Designer, EMS, specialist in electronic design, Energy efficiency managers, installers, electricians, system integrator, trade specialist, resellers, distributors, wholesalers, lighting manufacturers.
Topics of the day
Plenary sessions focused on the state-of-the-art of solid state lighting (market and technologies)
Roundtable: Switch the future on with LEDs!
- Debate among the major players in the Solid State Lighting
- Trends and future perspectives in the Solid State Lighting
Session 1: Defining the light among parameters and perceptions
- An excursus in the field between technology and senses
Session 2: “Driving” the light to save energy
- Energy saving needs the adaptivity of SSL systems to the actual needs of environment
- Lighting designers have the commitment to control the quantity of light with the actual needs of users
Session 3: Standards and Certifications:
- how to build systems following laws, regulations and standards
- certification and performance; Zhaga, a standard for LED light engines
- the photobiological risk: exposure limits and regulations

Special initiatives – day 2
Debates and discussions with manufacturers on market trends
International Trading Post
UK Proposal for electronic & lighting Industries
Meeting b2b planned in advance with Italian buyers and suppliers
English spoken arena devoted to demo and presentation
Training moments
Classes on LED Lighting and LED technology courses both for “beginners” and for technicians
Leddove Gallery
the showroom of the most innovative products and systems for LED lighting
Training course (4h): calculating the energy efficiency

Saturday 13th October (9 am – 2 pm)

1. Conference Retail & Commercial Lighting
Addressed to Architects, Lighting Designers, Lighting Specialists

The Retail and Commercial lighting market – lighting in commercial and public offices, from single stores to large retailers and GDO, from pubs to restaurants and hotels – requires a specific knowledge in visual merchandising and techniques related to lighting.
When planning a lighting system, the designer has to bear in his mind different aspects, like technical requirements, energy efficiency results and aesthetic aspects, which are all important and closely related to the emphasis required for the products displayed and the message you want to convey to the consumer.
The aim of the conference is to stress the rule of the Lighting Designer in designing retail and commercial areas through case histories in which LED technology has played a fundamental role.
The conference is realized with the support of:
POPAI Italy (international retail and marketing association that have the scope to promote stores and sales points culture through trainings and information)
CNCC – National Council of Shopping Centers (Association that group private and public bodies linked to Shopping Centers, Malls and Factory Outlets) * to be defined
Main topics:
• Retail projects, design and LED technology
• The role of lighting designer
• LED Lighting in Retail and Contract: case histories
• Retail: quality in lighting
• Warm or cold light? How to choose the best solution to increase the value of products displayed

Special Initiatives – day 3
Debates and discussions with manufacturers on Market trends
Light Art initiatives
light as art demo and presentation
Training moments
Classes on LED Lighting and LED technology both for “beginners” and for technicians
Ecohitech Award * –Award Lumen ceremony
The award for products of projects which represent design and advanced technology in indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

* Ecohitech Award and Lumen Award
Since 1998 the Award Ecohitech is the most important award annually assigned to companies and public bodies that have achieved significant results in terms of environmental friendly solutions through the adoption of innovative technologies.
Was initially created to reward companies with eco-virtuous sectors addressed in all applications in the field of energy efficiency, especially in the solid state lighting.
Assodel has also promoted a special prize, the Award Lumen, recognition for LED products and solutions that have distinguished themselves in aspects of design or technology. (*).



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