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19/09 2012

Klimaenergy 2012

The market for renewable energy sources at Klimaenergy 2012

From September 20th to 22nd, 2012, the Bolzano Fair will host their fifth edition of Klimaenergy. In display, you will be shown a panoramic overview of the most relevant modern technologies in the field of renewable energies. There will be also Klimamobility, the second edition of the showroom of the sustainable mobility, a very ambitious trade event which will present a perfect demonstration on mobility electric, hybrid and, hydrogenbiomethane industry. Along with the main exhibition, this event also conducts business meetings for better business solutions on alternative mobility solutions.
A vast exhibition space lot area and a well-organized and structured program of side-events among which just to name some of them – an international congress, guided tours to visit tinstallations of renewable energy sources and qualified workshops and conferences.

With about 200 exhibiting companies, Klimaenergy proposes an array of state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, depicting an all round 360 degree panorama relevantly to the world of renewable energy that affects the solar energy sectors (solar thermal; photovoltaics, solar cooling, solar light); biomass, biogas and biofuels; hydropower sector; geothermal energy; cogeneration; wood gasification; hydrogen; fuel cells; heat energy recovery; wind solar energy and financial services.
In addition, and alongside the exhibition, with the participation of professional research institutions and associations, that will be at disposal for the highly qualified public of Klimaenergy composed of authorities from public official offices or institutions, as well as, by representatives from sectors with a high demand of renewable energy sources, such as, businesses pertaining to industry, artisanal production and hotel services and catering.
Alongside the exhibiting space on hand, Klimaenergy offers the traditional international congress organized by the Bolzano exhibition along with the collaboration of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Eurac Research, the European Academy of Bolzano,TIS Innovation, the South Tyrolean Ecoinstitute, Fraunhofer Italia, the IIT Institute for Technological Innovations and the South Tyrolean Energy Union. Based upon and divided into five thematic blocks, the congress ‘explores’ the renewable energy market regarding issues which range between market incentives to future opportunities and challenges.

The first theme/block, set for Septemer 20th, provides an update on the new regulations and on yet other new incentives in relation to the field of renewable energy. Instead, on Friday 21st, there are scheduled two parallel sessions: one dedicated to specific energy needs for municipality districts and public institutions with a special focus on solar light, on the PAES (Action Plan for Sustainable Energy) and on the Covenant of Mayors, whereas, the other one will revolve around the topic relevant to wood gasification and on micro cogeneration.

Moreover, within the Klimaenergy sphere, there has been programmed a specific seminar relative to the topic of solar cooling organized by the Eurac Research company, besides a convention which will be held by the Italian Geothermal Union (l’Unione Geotermica Italiana) in relation to the innovative developments in Italy in regard to the geothermal energy and yet another convention which will be held on alternative energy in South Tyrol organized by the South Tyrol Energy Union.
In addition, even yet this year, Klimaenergy has planned four enertours within a production installation fully operational over the territory in the Trentino and South Tyrolean valleys. The subject of the tours: a municipality district recognized as a centre of par excellence in the use of alternative energy, a wood gasification installation with a cogeneration system, a photovoltaic innovative system and an installation for the production of hydrogen. As to transportation from the fairgrounds, while passing from the nearest installations to another, ecosustainable means will be provided.



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