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12/12 2008


LED FOR LIGHTING, ( 10 – 11 December 2008 )

Organized by Lighting Design Collection magazine specialized in the design and in the lighting system field, is the first LED
expo-convention in Italy. Its main purpose is to point out to the plurality of the insiders in this the new lighting system based on the use of LED underlining their technological and architectural features. The expo-convention will present a wide choice of the most outstanding world producers of LED as well as industrial users.
The expo-convention LED FOR LIGHTING will also focus all the issues related to led in the same location in two separate areas but in constant synergy.

The trade show, which main issue is "The industry and the LED market" will be a primary common ground where all expert of this sector, as well as users, architects and urban planers will have the opportunity to gather in order to compare opinions, experiences and knowledge, to examine products and services for a perfect application of LED in the civil and industrial design. Companies and engineering studios that are developing LED technology have been contacted. Most of them are dedicated to different fields such as large plants, signs, health and wellness, exhibitions, leisure and so on.

" LIGHT AND ITS FUTURE " Is the issue of the Conference in which the evolution of trends, their state-of-the-art and the most common applications of LED will be examined.
The head-speakers will be selected among the most important figures of the plurality of areas involved in the event.

Reference target
The potential visitors will be contacted bye mean of direct invitation and advertisements, they will represent the entire universe of the end users. The typology is divided in different areas:
End users ( broadly speaking)
Architects and lighting designers, City council clerks in charge of the public lighting system (councillors, experts of lighting system concerning monuments, National Trust, parks and public areas). Buyers of lighting systems in Shopping malls, parkings or recreational areas.
- Specialists in specific applications
Manufacturers of ad signs and similar, events managers (concerts, trade shows, fashion shows)
- Manufacturing companies
Producers of lighting sets for indoor (interior decoration) as well as for industrial use (logistic centres, large material stores) ,furniture industry.
- Solution providers
General contractors, Craftsman, producers and large distributors of basic accessories related to the growth of the LED market An important group are producers of applications in the DOMOTICS.
- Energy saving
As we all know LED has a tremendous impact in the Energy saving plan.
Nowadays we can number different approaches used by the Industry in order to decrease the energetic consumption. One of the most familiar example is the switch from the incandescent lamps that generally use a 220 V power instead of 12 V currently necessary by a LED light. Presently LED solution represent a clear and an important direction towards which designers are concentrated on.

The location chosen for the event LED FOR LIGHTING is COSMO PALACE HOTEL in Cinisello Balsamo (Milano).

Following features are main reason of the choice:
1) Fully-equipped halls in a new and functional building
2) Optimal dimensions compared to the event
3) 300 parking places
4) Direct access to the Milano Motorway system
5) Over 400 rooms for out of town guests

The event dates are:
December 10th and 11th 2008
Visitors hours: 10.00 – 18.00
Exhibitors will have free access starting from 15.00 o’clock on the 9th of December until the fulfilment for the necessary set-up.

The booth clearance will start at the end of the event, from 19.00 o’clock on the 11th of December.
It’s possible to withdraw all the equipments even on the 12th of December 2008 from 8.00 o’clock till 13.00 at a minor charge.

The Exhibition
The exhibition space has a surface of 600 mq with a potential capacity of over 30 booths. The booth consists in an independent unit
(see separate layout ) that will be placed in an rational and practical ground plan shaped with an exclusive design.

This independent units come with:
Electric power.
Storage for info materials or PC.
All units will be supplied personalized with exhibitors logo.

The Conference
Highlights of sessions
The Conference, promoted by Lighting Design Collection magazine will have the editorial chief, architect Alessandro Colombini, as head-speaker.
All meetings will take place during the two day event and will be located in fully equipped rooms next to the Exhibition Main Room Program (interim).

10th of DECEMBER 2008
Morning session
6 speakers devoted to the Technical aspects
from 10 till 11.00
from 11.30 till 12.45
Afternoon session
5 speakers devoted to Design and Applications
from 14.00 till 17.30
A round table will follow

11th of DECEMBER
Morning Session only
same as previous day (repeat)

At the convention will be invited all the operators of the lighting system field , selected among a mailing list of 25.000 contacts.
Nearly 500 experts and decision makers that are working in the LED market will be personally invited through a call center.
From September 2008 an extensive press campaign is scheduled on main related magazines as well as on business newspapers, in order to reach the largest number of potential visitors.
A web site ( constantly updated from Sept 30th, will allow anyone to have all details of the event, the issues of the convention and have the complete list of exhibitors. Through this web site it will be possible to proceed to a pre registration form.

Led for lighting is the first event in the led sector.
In order to reach the outmost it was decided to refer to two kind of supports.

This group includes:
The Milan Polytechnic
AIDI – Italian Association Lighting Design
The milan municipality – urban council
EXPO 2015 Steering Committee

LIGHT+ BUILDING – TRADE SHOW (Frankfurt) (under application)

Support services
In order to fulfil any request from exhibitors or Speakers following services will be obtainable from the Management of COSMO HOTEL PALACE:
rooms at special rack rates (ask organizers)
coffee break (free)
buffet (special conditions apply)
open bar (free) parking places (free).
For further requirements and information do not hesitate to contact the organizing office.
Annamaria Vandornyik,



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