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31/10 2011

LED Lighting – 3rd edition

LED Lighting: Tecnologie e Design negli interni per il retail – 3rd edition
Permanent training course of Politecnico di Milano
Dip. In.D.A.Co. – Design School
Course period: 23 November – 16 December 2011
Laboratorio LUCE – Via Durando 10, Milano
Director: prof. Maurizio Rossi
Vice-Director: prof. Francesco Murano

Advanced training on LED technology for the interior lighting.
The permanent training course, realized also with the contribution of SHARP and under the patronage of AIDI (Italian Lighting Association), that will take place in November/December 2011, is oriented to addressed to professional/graduated technicians and not graduated workers that want to specialize in Lighting Design for interior Retail spaces.

The course is composed by two didactic modules that can be benefit singularly.
- Advanced Training on LED Technologies for interiors (16 hours)
LED: working principles, typology and performances, alimentation and driving. Installation principles and control of a LED system. Quality of light with LEDs: color temperature and color rendering. LED luminaries for retail, LED and Lighting Design. The future of solid state lighting.
- Design Workshop (24 hours)
Aim of the workshop will be (with the elaboration of a design concept in a real situation) to give methodological and practical tools to approach a lighting plan in the retail spaces.

For information, contact:
Dr. Andrea Siniscalco 02 2399 5696 – –



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