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21/12 2010


From the center to the periphery, from quadrilateral of the fashion, from nightlife districts to the most important shopping streets, igniting historical monuments, yards and new skyscrapers, contemporary architecture, museums, art galleries and courtyards, through projections, symbols, installations and projects of art and design, the city of light inaugurates the second International Festival of Light in Milan. A highly anticipated event, after the great success of the first edition, in the 2010 it ‘doubles’ with light installations in the city, presenting to the citizens and visitors 60 scenographic lighting projects.

A festival that stages the creative excellence of designers and young talents, and excellence of the most prestigious national and international manufacturing companies. In addition to the ephemeral, with permanent light installations, including the Central Station and the Duomo, symbol of Milan, with its spectacular illuminated stained glass windows, this edition of the Festival is a valuable tribute to the city for the celebration of ‘one hundred years of light ‘, celebrated in 2010 by the Foundation AEM. An event that speaks to the light of nature, water, green, dream and wonder of fashion, design and creativity in a logic of widespread event, accessible and intended within the community. A festival that also celebrates a development of sustainable human, with the symbol in a city ‘beacon of light of the future’, a tower illuminated by solar panels and LED.

In this exhibition is presented the project of Silvio De Ponte "LIGHT AROUND". The project stems from the idea to live outside the Museum of Science and Technology through the light.
Idea of light that becomes an "extension" of the building itself, a soft and comfortable light which illuminates a place rich in history, discoveries, inventions and innovations. Light and building come together, light not as artifice, but on the contrary, as architecture, as the message and communication together.

Two colors will be used as a basis for dynamic lighting. The Red tied to the conquest of the future and the Blu psychologically linked to thought and relaxation.

Signs of light as a metaphor for the light fire "explode" from the center of the main building.

The Yellow light is a concept of expansion and White light express the threshold of transition to something new, and both will complete the lighting of the façade.

Thus, the light becomes visible and palpable message, it becomes solid material of the architecture such as marble and stone.



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