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18/03 2016

Lighting design for the show – 10th edition

In April 2016, two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting organized by Lab. Luce of Politecnico di Milano: a short course and a high training course which include among their teachers Andrea Siniscalco (Politecnico di Milano), Marco D’Amico, Paolo Dozzo (Clay Paky), Salvatore Mancinelli, Thomas Nell (Spotllight), Giovanni Pinna e Massimo Sardone (Traxon e-cue). Both initiatives are realized with the technical partnership of Clay Paky (an Osram business), Spotlight,  Traxon e-cue (an Osram business) and under the patronage of AIDI (Associazione Italiana Di Illuminazione), AILD (Associazione Italiana Lighting Designers), APIL (Associazione Progettisti dell’Illuminazione), ASSIL (Associazione nazionale produttori Illuminazione), ASSODEL (Associazione nazionale fornitori elettronica) and ASSOLUCE (Associazione delle aziende italiane produttrici di apparecchi di illuminazione).

Short courses will be held in Italian language with a direct translation service (English). Long course will be held in English.


Lighting design for the show – 10th edition

Venue: Laboratorio LUCE – Via Candiani 72 – Edificio B5, Milano

Administered by:, consortium of Politecnico di Milano


Short course (in Italian)

Date: 19 April 2016, 8 hours.

Contents: The short course aims to introduce the thematic of the lighting design for entertainment. Fundamentals of Lighting. Photometric quantities and light source characteristics. History of light in the shows. Use of white and colored light, psychology, symbolism, the language of “luminous painting”. There will be also lectures about the applied technology for this sector. Innovative lighting products and technologies for the live-stage, visual & multimedia, control technologies for the products. Entertainment technologies for architectural lighting communication.


Long course (in English)

Period: 20 to 29 April 2016, 40 hours.

Content: Applied Optics. Lighting Fixtures. Movement, intensity, quality and correction of light. The spaces of the theater, design and implementation of a performance, confrontation with the set designer, the costume designer and the director. Storage methods. Relate conventional equipment and LED lighting. Comparison, selection and positioning of the projectors. Color application. Media server for the show. The market for “Live” in Italy, construction and management of  “Live Stage” production synergies, integration with the musical repertoire, technical choices, establishment of a set list and implementation of the show. New technologies and control systems, “intelligent lights” and materials for the show. As part of the 40 hours course, there will be programmed tours at Clay Paky, and the theater Campo Teatrale in Milan.


It is possible to subscribe to the courses (the 8 hours and the 40 hours one) separately.

Apply for the 40 hours course grant free access to the 8 hours course.


For information on educational content:

Lab. Luce – Politecnico di Milano

tel +39.02.2399.5696

For information on how to join: consortium of Politecnico di Milano

tel +39.02.2399.5911



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