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6/12 2008

"Fête des Lumières” – Lione

From 5th to 8th December, the 2008 “Fête des Lumières” festival will once
again transform Lyon into a theatre of light, where almost four million visitors
will discover a city, shrouded in wintry weather, but colourized anew.

The programme for these four days includes above all the world of dreams and fairy tales. The whole event is being orchestrated by artists such as Guillaume J. Plisson, “the light graffiti artist”, Bibi, the great hijacker of plastic material, and Patrice Warrener, an artist who for almost 20 years has been illuminating cities across the globe.

Without a doubt 2008 will be the year of gentleness, poetry and to a degree, a return to childhood. The place des Terreaux is reshaped by a small giant who plays with the Town Hall and the Palais Saint-Pierre, the Jacobins fountain is transformed into a gigantic fish mobile
and then there are the banks of the Rhône, which are plunged into an incredible
under water odyssey; these all are places presented in a different light to give the
public magic and provoke contemplation.

As with every year, the city‘s districts have an important role to play. Thanks to the amazing work undertaken by local associations, the community arts centres and the city’s inhabitants, but also thanks to the thoughtful participation of students from colleges of art, design and architecture, there are almost seventy artistic projects dotted across the whole city, and thus redesigning squares, facades, fountains and steps).
As a festival for the people, the “Fête des Lumières” festival will also give around
a hundred lighting professionals the opportunity to meet each other at the
“Meetings of light” colloquium.
The aim here is to exchange knowledge, debate topics connected with lighting and to look at the latest innovations available commercially. So many subjects confirming Lyon’s ranking among the top cluster of Light cities.
From 5th to 8th December
from 6pm until 1am
Throughout the whole city

Solidarity is at the very heart of the “Fête des Lumières” festival
Since 2005, the “Fête des Lumières” festival has invited the public to create
a giant show made up of thousands of lumignons (small lights) il cui ricavato andrà in beneficenza.
This year “Action contre la Faim”, one of the major international NGOs involved in the fight against hunger, is asking the public to take part in creating this light show at the place République on 8th December.
The lumignons will be sold for 2 Euros in stalls set up in the city centre at the start
of December.
The “Les lumignons du coeur” project (Small lights from the heart) aims to raise
awareness and rally the general public around a single message: let’s put an end
to malnutrition.

Key figures for the
“Fête des Lumières”
4 million visitors expected.
70 light projects throughout the whole city.
8 million lumignons (small lights) sold in 2007.
100% occupancy rate in all the hotels in Lyon.
21,310 Vélo’v bikes hired on 8th December 2007.
325 areas illuminated throughout the year in Lyon.

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Crédits photos : Ville de Lyon – Muriel Chaulet



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