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6/06 2008

“Progetti di Luce”

Virtuous lights: for an aesthetic of
environment-friendly light

Flare magazine announces the international design competition “Progetti di Luce” 2008. "Virtuous lights, for an aesthetic
of environment-friendly light":
this is the headline of the new
edition of the design competition open to young designers, professionals, and design students, from Italy and Europe in
general, who are called upon to design a lighting body of any type, for use in the household or the workplace, as part of a
global project that addresses the themes of energy saving and environmental compatibility.
The winning project will be awarded with the sum of 3,500 euro.
Organised by Editrice Habitat/Gruppo Maggioli, with the support of Matrec, the event is sponsored by a group of companies
that are particularly attentive to the evolution of the market and customer needs, including ERC, GiPlast, Steab, Firenze
Tecnologia, Light+Building Frankfurt, Matelec, Sicailux.
The jury panel, chaired by Arch. Franco Raggi, Deputy Editor of Flare, will include one member for each sponsor and a representative of Editrice Habitat.
Extensive coverage will be given to the event through the magazines published by our publishing group Editrice Habitat
and Maggioli, interviews with the winning designers, exhibitions and events specially set up to display the projects and to
foster the interchange between companies and designers, and website

Call for paper: the theme

Technological research in field of energy saving light sources views LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and Fluorescent lamps in
the forefront of the search for optimal standards in terms luminous efficiency-to-energy consumption ratios. The
search for material recycling and reuse techniques is another field where the designer’s palette has been getting richer with new materials obtained by recycling noble materials, paper, wood, metal, glass, as well as plastics and composites.
The theme of the competition is the design of a luminaire, or a set of luminaires, strictly in keeping with two areas of

1. Energy saving light sources (LEDs and fluorescent lamps)

2. Materials having a low impact on the environment, obtained from the recycling or the synthesis of discarded items and organic-based biodegradable materials and their

Within these two lines of research, the project may also address the issue of energetic self-sufficiency pursued through the use of photovoltaic cells integrated into the design of the luminaire.

Progetti di luce 2007
1. “Funghi di luce, design: Mauro Franchi,
Gorge Balan, Ottavia Crapolocchio. Steab
Special Award.

2. Snake, design: Matteo Pierotti. Philips Lighting
Special Award.

3. “Diatomee”, design:
Stefano Affinito, Barbara
Ariulo. Special Mention
of the Jury’s Chairman.

4. “Minilam”, design:
Mirco Monopoli, Ettore
Contro. Vetreria
Lux/Cristalleria Stilvetro
Srl Special Award.

Competition within the competition.

This year again, the corporate sponsors are calling upon the participants to take up additional challenges independent of
the general theme of the competition.
The projects developed according to the themes proposed by the sponsors that will judge the works must embody innovative
creations according to the modalities described above in the call for projects.
The entries shall be evaluated on the basis of criteria including originality of the design, presentation quality and producibility.

Terms of participation.

The projects, must be received by the Competition Secretariat by 17/10/2008
The competition is international and open to young designers, professionals and students from design schools and faculties of Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Design from all over the world.
Students may participate individually or in groups, in which case a group leader must be appointed. Members of the Jury and their relatives, employees of the organising company and the corporate sponsors and patrons are not allowed to enter the competition.
The projects must be new and especially made for the contest.
Registration is free and automatic on presentation of the projects (up to 3 per person or per group) in the form of technical
dimensional drawings accompanied by explanatory drawings, comments, notes, and indications on the production materials envisaged; the drawings must be mounted on a
single size A2 rigid paperboard support.

The detailed call for projects will be available on the website:

For further information please contact:
Editrice Habitat srl
Via F. Albani, 21- 20149 Milano
Tel. 024814800 r.a. Fax 0248193013



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7/04 2008


2006 "Light Projects": a competition for the world of lighting, open to professional and young designers, promoted by the ADI (Industrial Design Association), the North East Chapter of ADI,and Celma, on the theme "Atmosphere of Light".
With "Atmosphere of Light", designers are asked to create lighting fixtures able to produce effects
based on the inherent features of product design and the materials and light sources employed – from incandescent bulbs to halogen lights and LEDs – enabling lighting fixtures to play the star role in the illumination of indoor and outdoor facilities.
Thus, in addition to meeting furnishing and lighting purposes, light acquires a further function: to produce an atmosphere able to evoke emotions.
Sponsored by Anofol, F.A.R.T. Neon Group, Vetri d’Arte Gallery, I Tre, Murano Due, Philips Lighting and Steab, and trade fairs, such as Light & Building in Frankfurt, Matelec in Madrid and Design Show Rimini, will provide an area for the organisation of events to present the projects. The contest is patronized by ADI (Associazione Italiana Design, the association of the Italian designers), ADI North-East and by Celma.
The competition will be presented at shows and events, to display the projects submitted and provide opportunities to get together for the designers and the manufacturing
Detailed information on the competition and participation modalities can be found by visiting:

The designers who focused in the past on the design of new products, will now – by developing the theme "ATMOSPHERE IN LIGHT" – have a further chance to present their ideas to the
manufacturers of light fittings for both interiors and exteriors, to firms of architects, and also to
indicate a new market trend for the world of lighting and designers.
Extensive coverage will be given to the event through the magazines published by Editrice Habitat, to interviews with the winning designers, to the organisation of exhibitions and events to presentthe projects and to encourage meetings between designers and companies, and to online promotionthrough the website
"PROGETTI DI LUCE" provides a unique occasion for publicity, one that can only be offered by established magazines with a long-term recognised market presence. In fact, both through the publications and in previous competitions, we have always maintained that design and creativity are strategic marketing factors and, by focusing on the new emotional theme, "Projects of Light" is right up-to-date.

This year we would also like to draw attention to the challenges launched by a number of the competition sponsors, which are totally separate from the general theme of "Atmosphere of Light".
The projects submitted for the themes suggested by the companies will be judged by the sponsoring companies and, in line with the indications outlined by the competition rules, must show innovative designs on specific themes. For further information, visit the web site

Prizes will be awarded to the design winning 1st place in the Professional section (marked P), and those in the first three places for the student and aspiring designer section (marked S), with the following amounts:
Classification Amount
1st Professional section 1500 Euro
1st Student and aspiring designer section 1000 Euro
2nd Student and aspiring designer section 600 Euro
3rd Student and aspiring designer section 400 Euro

Conditions of participation
The competition is open to:
a) professional category (marked P)
Italian and/or foreign professionals, including designers registered with trade associations,
architects or engineers registered with the relative boards, independent or in-house professionals,
if authorised by their companies.
b) student and aspiring designer category (marked S)
Groups of designers are allowed in both categories, but a group leader must be appointed who will
be the only contact person.
Members of the Jury, their families and employees working for the organiser, or for the sponsor
companies or for CELMA are not allowed to take part.

The projects must be presented in the form of technical drawings and explanatory drawings,
complete with comments and indications of the suggested materials for production.

The Jury panel will be including: Arch. Paolo Favaretto, for ADI association; one member of the
organizing company (Paolo De Osti); Arch. Franco Raggi; one member for each sponsoring
company, that is Philips Lighting, F.A.R.T. Neon Group, Steab, Anofol, Firme di Vetro
who will evaluate the entries on the basis of the following criteria:
1. Originality of the design
2. Quality of the overall presentation of the drawing
3. Producibility of the design
The Jury’s decisions shall be taken by majority vote. The Chairman of the Jury shall be nominated
by the jury members.
8. Submitting the drawings
The drawings, as specified above, must be delivered by 30 June 2006 directly to the Competition
Editrice Habitat srl
Via M.Marchesi de Taddei, 3
20146 MILANO
For further information please contact:
Editrice Habitat srl
Tel. 024814800 r.a.
Fax 0248193013
E-mail :



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