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11/04 2016

Workshop Light painting

Between light and picture
April 29th, 30th 2016
A two days full-immersion to get started with Light Painting
Light Painting is a photographic tecnique involving a light source (torchlight, candle, sparkles, optical fiber, etc…) moved while taking long exposure pictures. Amazing images can be obtained in this way, “painting with light” during the photoshooting.
Light Painting is an art form based on a photographic tecnique to track moving light sources ( the practice dates back to 1889 when, casually, Étienne-Jules Marey e Georges Demeny discovered the effect of motion in front of an open shutter). Artits experimented light painting during last century: Man Ray and Gjon Mili (who took photographs of Pablo Picasso drawing with a flash light in a dark
room) for example. Many others tried similar tecniques, innovating and evolving this art form. New technologies have given a boost to artists “painting with light” leading to an artistic movement counting many artists.
Light Painting, often used in Still Life Photography, is now popular amongst many photographic genres, especially in advertising. The city, in the night, becomes a canvas where light can be “painted”!
The course is targeted at anyone who has already a basic knowledge of photography. Participants will need a tripod and a Reflex camera (even mirrorless), of any kind or a compact camera with manual focus.
During the introductory class, Still Life pictures and portraits will be taken indoors. An open air session will be held after sunset in Genoa’s EXPO Area. The workshop has a maximum capacity of 9 participants.
Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

Participants must bring their own camera and tripod.
tel. +39 010 8568340

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