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1/12 2012

Workshop “SHOPLIGHT”

Light for commercial spaces
Theory for the lighting of commercial spaces
Project objectives, general principles of intervention
Basic techniques for general lighting and accent lighting
Case histories of projects
Software for the lighting calculation

Workshop Program “Shoplight”
Light plays a fundamental role for the realization of a project: from a functional point of view, since the element is able to ensure the vision, but above all because it is the determining factor. This workshop wants to provide the basics for a proper lighting of interior spaces, for a more conscious lighting design.
The workshop wants to give the designers, architects, consultants, visual designers etc.. the theoretical and practical skills for the realization of a lighting design.


Light for trade
Aspects of lighting: design methodology and laws
The tools of the Light Designer


Light: from sensory perception to marketing strategy
applied Lighting

The cost of the workshop is 160 €* to be paid on the 1st day to the teacher.
*it includes: Certificate of attendance and didactic material

Info: 368-954781



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