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26/07 2014

X Colour Conference

X Conferenza del Colore
11-12 September 2014

DSA – Scuola Politecnica
Stradone Sant’Agostino, 37 – Genoa (Italy)

On September 11th
University of Genoa, the tenth Conferenza del Colore will be held in a collaboration between

the GdC – Associazione Italiana Colore, the University of Genoa, the Colour Group (GB), the

Centre Français de la Couleur and the Groupe Français de l’Imagerie Numérique Couleur.

The conference will address the theme of color in multi-disciplinary aspects regarding planning, didactics, psychology, cultural heritage, design, physiology of vision, lighting, colorimetry, food, digital printing of color.

at the Department of Sciences for Architecture (DSA) of the -12th

Sede legale: Via Boscovich, 31 – Milano

The conference is also realized with the contribution of Konica Minolta, Barbieri Electronic,

Cambridge Reasearch System, Colour Group (GB) e Oikos; under the patronage of AIAP

(Italian Association of Planning for Visual Communication), AIAR (Italian Association

of Archeometry), AIDI (Italian Lighting Association), ANVER (National Varnishers

Association), ASSODEL (National Association of Electonic Suppliers), Federchimica Avisa

(National Association of paints, inks, adhesives and sealants), GIRPR (Italian Researchers

Group in Pattern Recognition), IGIIC (Italian group of International Institute for Conservation)

and SIOF (Italian Association for Optics and Photonics) and UID (Italian Union of Design).

Aim of the conference is to encourage multi and interdisciplinary aggregation of the research centres and people
that deal with colour and light from a professional and scientific point of view. Conference will be opened (in early
morning) by a series of tutorials about different colour related topic. Works will continue with the presentations of the
submitted works

Conference topics
photometry and color atlas: method, theory and instrumentation.
2. COLOR AND DIGITAL. Reproduction, management, digital color
correction, image processing, graphics, photography,
printmaking, video production, artificial vision, virtual reality.
3. COLOR AND LIGHTING. Metamerism, color rendering,
adaptation, color constancy, appearance, illusions, memory color,
color in extra-atmospheric environments, lighting design.
4. COLOR AND PHYSIOLOGY. Mechanisms of vision in their
experimental and theoretical aspects, deficiencies, abnormalities,
clinical and biological aspects.
5. COLOR AND PSYCHOLOGY. Phenomenology of color,
perceptive, emotional and diagnostic aspects.
6. COLOR AND PRODUCTS. Foods and beverages, textiles,
plastics, ceramics, paints, gemmology.
7. COLOR AND RESTORATION. Archaeometry, painting materials,
diagnostics and techniques of conservation, restoration and
enhancement of cultural heritage, coloring and architectural
8. COLOR AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT. Urban planning, project of
color, architecture, territorial identities.
9. COLOR AND DESIGN. Furniture, design, fashion, graphics,
communication, packaging, lettering, cosmetics.
10. COLOR AND CULTURE. Art, history, philosophy, aesthetics,
representation and design, ethno-anthropology, geology,
sociology, lexicology, semantics, anthtropology of vision.
11. COLOR AND EDUCATION. Pedagogy, color’s didactics,
aesthetic education.

More information are available on the Associazione Italiana Colore website:
Associazione Italiana Colore



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