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21/11 2008



Researchers connecting for innovation.

This is the slogan chosen for announcing the Festival of Innovation, which will take place at the Fiera del Levante in Bari from December 3rd to 5th, with the objective of increasing the value and promoting the knowledge of the Puglia scientific heritage by stimulating synergy among research, enterprise and public administration sectors.

The event is part of the regional network project of ILO (Industrial Liaison Office), which is promoted by the council department of the regional economic development.

It is carried out by ARTI (the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation) and is co-financed by the European Union as part of the 2000-2006 Puglia POR (Regional Operative Programme), with the aim of providing the network of the Puglia universities with permanent tools and resources for industrial liaison to the firms located in the territory of Puglia.

The promoters of the Festival are the Puglia Region, ARTI, the Puglia universities (University of Bari, Foggia and of Salento, Polytechnic of Bari and Jean Monnet LUM), and Fiera del Levante. The festival has been conceived with the purpose of promoting the results obtained from research activities carried out by universities, research centres, research and development departments of firms located in Puglia, and supporting the dialogue between innovative projects’ supply and potential investors’ demand.

Among the macro areas organized for the festival, where the exhibitors will have their own stand and the events will be held, there are the following: InnovEntion which is about innovation and invention; Land which is about nature and environment; Imagination which is about multimedia chains and technologies introduced in media means.
It is not a fair but an event, carried out in a debate format, intended to involve transversally different audiences and players of innovation.
The conferences are about university topics, international cooperation as regards research and financing in innovation, and will welcome experts in innovation coming from national and international scenarios, thematic workshops about technological transferring and single technological chains, demonstrations creating mixed interactive and gripping events thought up to involve transversally audiences varied per age and education and trying to make them interested in the research and innovation sectors.
Thanks to the cooperation with the Regional School Office, key-players of the festival, there will be also the participation of high school students, who will be involved in competitions on scientific topics related to the three macro-areas.

Among the events to take into account, the Call for papers and events is very interesting: in the past days there have been received around 70 proposals about events and presentations, and these will be added to the workshops agenda. Among the vertical events, it is important to mention both the Investment forum that shows potential investors new entrepreneurial ideas, and the Aerospace Research Day.

The exposition will also include the Patents exhibition: the patents have been developed by Puglia universities which, during 2008, had a regional contribution for an international extension of the protection. Moreover, the exposition will have the Prototypes exhibition, a result obtained by 112 explorative projects carried out by research centres and enterprises and financed by the Puglia Region through the so-called Programma Quadro agreement as regards scientific research. There will also be an occasion to show the feminine aspect of science and this will be represented by a show titled as “Women driving one of the biggest machines ever build by a human being: the LHC complexity under women’s leadership ”.



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