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7/08 2008

The solar energy becomes coloured.

The solar energy becomes coloured.

Solar panels? No, thanks!

A MIT recent invention will give the possibility to capture the Sun energy in order to convert light into electricity using common glasses.

(Photo © Stuck in Customs)
The MIT has realized a revolutionary system in order to produce solar energy using common glasses instead of expensive silicon solar cells. (Andrea Porta luglio 2008)

A simple glass covered with a colourful film will give the possibility to capture the solar beams in order to produce electric power with a greater efficiency with regard to the past. This recent invention of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can be considered a true egg of Columbus from a certain point of view: a thin film constituted by a mix of coloured molecules are installed on a common glass, each of them is able to absorb light in various wavelengths so to maximize the exploitation of the radiations.

Therefore it will be possible to control the process “harmonizing” the colours with the solar beams, in order to redouble the efficiency of the normal photovoltaic panels.

In the 70’s someone had already tried to produce energy in this way, but without obtaining a useful result because the technologies to produce the coloured films did not guarantee the necessary stability in time.



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