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6/09 2011

Luceonline in Eindhoven – Lac, lighting application center


The Lighting Application Center (LAC), in Eindhoven, is an important international center created by Philips to provide all the different types of lighting; apart from LAC, dedicated to the interior lighting applications, there is also another important center for outdoor lighting: the OLAC, Outdoor Application Center in Miribel, near Lyon.

The LAC, opened in 1991 and periodically renovated, is now an important international center with the latest developments and innovations in the lighting field, especially for what concerns led lighting, offering many choices for energy savings, environmental conservation, and visual impact.

The LAC aims to communicate the close relationship between light and visual perception, it is visited ever year by over 10,000 guests , coming from 75 different countries around the world.
The Lighting Application Center receives its visitors in the reception area, the only place where there is interaction between natural light and artificial light. The area has in fact 3 glazed walls, it includes the reception area, lounge area and a coffee corner.

Guests are then introduced to the first tour by a general presentation about lighting and demonstrations of key applications.
These procedures require different areas: Hospitality, Industry, Shop and Food, at last a theater of light with a final spectacular experience.
Every guest has the opportunity to stay in the areas of greatest interest in relation to the personal profession, as for the members of Luceonline.

The center is interesting for the application of various lighting systems, from the light effects created by dynamic light to the RGB effects, up to the change in light intensity. Everything is managed by intelligent interfaces placed in every room of the structure for the control and regulation of the different scenarios.
The specific environments such as bars, reception, offices, conference rooms are illuminated in order to create different settings. The latter, for example, offers the possibility to vary the light for formal or informal meetings.

There are also different commercial spaces in the structure of Philips, from food shop to clothing. The latter offers spectacular innovations such as sensors able to communicate with the price label in the fitting room, managing light to provide a more appropriate setting for the look.
At the end of the visit to LAC, where light and technology work together to improve the daily comfort, the tour ends with a walk through the streets of the small town of Eindhoven, which has all the charm of the Netherlands.

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