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20/12 2008

Ethical and eco sustainable Christmas

Manarola, Las Palmas, Borgo Valsugana (Trentino)

Manarola: the beautiful illuminated nativity scene

This year the inauguration of the nativity scene by Mario Andreoli will be a very special moment when the 15,000 solar powered lights on the hill of the Tre Croci above Manarola will be lit up.

Every year the largest nativity scene in the world created and built by Mario Andreoli, a retired railway worker is lit up. For 32 years this spectacular event has signalled the beginning of the Christmas festivities and this year it will be even more unique. The 15.000 light bulbs that depict the silhouette of more than 300 characters bringing to life the Western terraces of the hill of the Tre Croci in Manarola will be lit up by a new photovoltaic system commissioned by the Riomaggiore town council.

It has been the passion and creativity of Mario that until now has given life to the simple materials of the nativity, the angels, the Three Kings, the shepherds and farmers. Today it is possible to speak of an ethical and eco sustainable nativity scene where the clean and renewable energy of the sun lights up this majestic Christmas scene, giving residents and visitors a little of the Christmas spirit through to Candlemas.

The photovoltaic system of the Menarola Natività scene
The new installation for the production of electrical energy from solar power was provided by the company Brianza Plastica and designed by the engineer Alessandro Perrone. It will operate in parallel with a network of three-phase low voltage distribution and will supply partial cover of the annual requirements of an entire building estimated at 13.440 kWh/yr.
Given the necessity to integrate the photovoltaic installation with the existing rural structure and the need to respect the local authority’s landscape and building parameters, the Riomaggiore Council chose to install photovoltaic tiles rather than solar panels. These photovoltaic tiles in polycrystalline matrix compliment the already existing slate, are long lasting and require mininimal care and low maintenance.
The solar installation will channel the excess energy not required by the illumination of the Manarola nativity scene into the low tension electrical network of the distribution company ENEL S.p.A. This excess will amount to almost 100% of the entire production as the system of illumination will be largely used at night.
Silvia Paolillo

Hydrogen Christmas Tree in Las Palmas

A Christmas tree of huge dimensions has been installed in Las Palmas (Spain). The Canarian island tree is very special, in fact the lighting system in not logged to the net but to an isolated hydrogen-fuel cells system.
This is not the first initiative of this kind (London in 2004 and California in 2006 ). The borough of Las Palmas carried out such initiative in order to awake citizens on possible benefits and profits of such energy systems.

Another hydrogen Christmas tree

Another hydrogen Christmas tree is the project proposed by the Professional Formation Centre ENAIP of Primiero in collaboration with ACSM S.p.A., the Municipalized company of 13 Municipalities of the Trentino, engaged also in the field of the alternative energies.
An innovative tree in the pursuit of experimentation and energy saving.
It is realized with led (1 km of cables, 10.000 led), with great energy saving. This lighting system can be activated by anyone through a simple sms (short message system), thanks to a device realized by centre’s students.
Once reached a certain amount of sms contacts sms there will be the devolution of a sum for the realization of a project in Africa.
Another tree with solar powered lights will be installed near the Centre of Professional Formation ENAIP of Valsugana Village.



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