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21/05 2015

Within light / inside glass

Light, glass and their interaction from an artistic and scientific point of view are the theme of the exhibition conceived and promoted by Vicarte, the research unit “Glass and Ceramics for the Arts” based in the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The event has been organized in Venice on the occasion of the International Year of Light 2015 from February 8th to April 19th, in collaboration with the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti.
Next event will be at Fundacao Millennium Bcp in Lisboa, Portugal from september the first to the 31th of December.

15 International artists were invited to develop works on the theme of glass and light for the rooms of Palazzo Loredan’s old library, by the curators Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Francesca Giubilei.The works presented speak to the interaction between light and glass from both a formal and conceptual point of view.

Using neon or natural light, borosilicate glass for micro or macro sculptures, old Murano techniques or new technologies, photography, painting and drawing, ransparency and luminescence, Teresa Almeida, Mika Aoki, Enrico Tommaso

De Paris, Armanda Duarte, Veronica Green, Alan Jaras, Anna-Lea Kopperi, Richard

Meitner, Éric Michel, Diogo Navarro, Fernando Quintas, Silvano Rubino, Elisabeth

Scherffig, Cesare Toffolo and Robert Wiley will animate the spaces of Istituto Veneto with interesting experimentations.

The project is coordinated by António Pires de Matos, Isabel Silveira Godinho

and Andreia Ruivo of Vicarte.

Light and indirectly also vision, have always fascinated philosophers, physicists

and artists alike. Light understood as both a physical entity with wave and particle duality,

or as a sacred and transcendental entity, has always been central to our ability to grasp

Reality in both its concrete and spiritual respects.

Metaphorically light representsThe Beginning, but also Knowledge as opposed to the darkness

of ignorance. Light is both related to- and opposed to non-existence, just as white exists

on the basis of its relationship to its opposite, black. But what are white and black really?

And why are we able to perceive colors? The electromagnetic spectrum of white has all the possible frequencies related to the range of colours visible to the human eye.

Contrariwise, black is the absorption of all frequencies. Today we know that reality is revealed to us through our eyes as the result of the interaction of light and matter, i.e. the relationship between them is the basis of our visual perception. Because of reflection and absorption, we can see things and experience colours.

Glass can absorb, transmit, reflect, and refract light, and it can also multiply or distort

our vision. Glass is a membrane, a border, which can conceal and protect, a diaphragm

between the external world and the internal world, between closed and open space.

It has the ability to limit the passage of air or any other material, but at the same time,

it allows light to pass freely through it. Because of these properties glass was considered

a magical material in the Middle Ages, linking the visible and the invisible, earthly reality and the divine.

Vicarte (Lisbon) The research unit is a partnership between the Faculty of Sciences

and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Faculty of Fine Arts

of the Universidade de Lisboa. The research at Vicarte connects the present with

the past, developing new materials for glass and ceramics, and for contemporary art.

In addition, traditional and historical production practices are researched, and new theoretical and practical approaches to art are being studied and developed.

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti (Venice) is an Academy with the goals Of developing and diffusing science, humanities, and art, and to promote and directly support scientific research.
The Istituto collaborates with Academies, Universities, Schools of Higher Studies and Research Centres on both the national

and the international level. The project “Glass in Venice” promoted artistic glass in the Murano tradition, as well as work of contemporary artists exploring

new techniques.

The current exhibition in 2015, “Within light / Inside glass. An intersection between

art and science” takes place during the International Year of Light 2015, a global

initiative aimed at increasing public awareness of the great importance of light and

light-based technologies for our future.

As a precursor to this exhibition and its theme of glass and light, a collaboration

has been developed between Axo Light, one of the most dynamic Italian lighting

companies, Vicarte and the artist Richard Meitner. Art and industrial design will

join forces in this special project for which Meitner will develop prototypes

for a series of lamps utilizing both the advanced lighting technology of Axo Light

and the experience and research represented by Vicarte. This exhibition will feature

some of the first steps connected with this collaboration.

Title Within light / Inside glass. An intersection between art and science

Location Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti – Palazzo Loredan,

Press Anna Zemella – Istituto Veneto



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