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  • Freelance Lighting Designer – 3rd edition

    High training course of Consortium Date: 11 April 2016 Where: Laboratorio LUCE - Via Candiani 72, Milan (Italy) Administered by: consortium of Politecnico di Milano
  • Lighting Design dai Fondamenti al CAD – 8th edition

    Lighting Design dai Fondamenti al CAD – 8th edition High education course of Poli.Design Consortium Course period: 2-31 October 2013 Course Director: prof. Maurizio Rossi The eighth edition of the permanent training course, realized thanks to the cooperation of Osram and Oxytech and under the patronage of AIDI (Italian Lighting Association) and APIL (Italian Lighting [...]
  • Lumen Fortronic: The Italian LED Forum

    LUMEN FORTRONIC: THE ITALIAN LED FORUM A event devoted to solid state lighting Fashion, art and design, some of the most famous Italian talents, will stand at the hearth of next Lumen Fortronic, the Italian LED forum devoted to solid state lighting technologies and applications which will be held in Milan on the 29th March. [...]
  • Designing the designer, key concepts emerged

    Designing the designer On March the 5th the first convention of the Italian lighting filed “Designing the designer”took place, a convention with the aim of defining the future of the lighting designers. It was organized by Apil, in order to discuss about the identity of the profession, the arch. Cinzia Ferrara introduced it. Many participants [...]
  • CALL FOR PAPER “PROGETTARE IL PROGETTISTA”, bilingual lighting portal, made in Italy expression, adhere to the initiative: PROGETTARE IL PROGETTISTA The profession of lighting designer: present and future, expectations and opportunities Milan, March 5, 2012 The debate about the professional figure of lighting designer and about the concept of lighting design has continued for many years, but still there is [...]