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  • Theatre europe innovation

    (Italiano) Scenografia, Architettura e Media Performing. Progettare per Opera Masterclass, workshop con registi teatrali, designer teatrali, architetti, illuminazione e sound designer, interaction designer e visual directors..
  • Light: a new material for architecture

    LIGHT: A NEW MATERIAL FOR ARCHITECTURE Great interest arose around the conference“Light: a new material for architecture” organized by Luce Mania SA at Modì Design, in Mendrisio, having as speakers Prof. Piergiorgio Capparucci from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and Prof. Stefano Dall’Osso, Lighting & Industrial Designer of SPLD (Swiss Professional Lighting Design) [...]
  • Excentrique – Work in situ

    Daniel Buren, one of the greatest French artists, tells us about one of his great installations, the great installation Excentriques (s) at the Grand Palais in Paris, of 2012 ( Monumenta). An incredible installation that crosses the nave of the twentieth century pavilion transformed by coloured circles. Suspended structures that interact with light. Daniel Buren [...]
  • London Bridge Tower.
    The Shard by Renzo Piano, in London.

    “La sua forma piramidale (…) ricorda le guglie a spirale delle chiese di Londra costruite dall’architetto di St. Paul, Christopher Wren, come precisi segnali urbani nella ricostruzione della città dopo il grande incendio del 1666.” Renzo Piano London Bridge Tower, which is also known as the Shard, is a 72 storey mixed use tower located [...]
  • New light to the Tower Bridge

  • The Palais Lumière in Venice

    The Palais Lumière in Venice The new Venetian Tower Tourre is a Pierre Cardin’s futuristic design, the famous designer, of Italian origins. The structure has been called the Palais Lumière, it will be built in Marghera, and will be a center of education and development in the field of fashion and design. The designer’s intention [...]

    KLIMAHOUSE 2012 International trade fair for energy efficient construction Open from 26 Jan 2012 to 29 Jan 2012, Klimahouse Expo is a Construction & Real Estate trade show that dedicated to show the latest products, service, technology and trends. The “Klimahouse” tradeshow in Bolzano is among the leading gatherings in all of Europe for energy-efficient [...]