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  • Art Nature Poetry. Projects in Morterone 2012

    EXHIBITION: Art Nature Poetry. Projects in Morterone 2012 PALAZZO MUNICIPALE: Alan Charlton. Grey Paintings OUTDOOR WORKS: Nicola Carrino. Ricostruttivo 2010. Progetto Paesaggio Morterone, 2010-2012 François Morellet. La porte s’envole Niele Toroni. Impronte di pennello n.50 a intervalli regolari di 30 cm. 10 impronte di fuoco. 3 interventi Michel Verjux. Nocturne à Morterone PROJECT CURATED BY: [...]

    Ordinary Life by Alessandra Redaelli The meeting that is going to loom at the Angel Art Gallery in Milan from the 13th of May is really important: Gianfranco Pulitano presents, in the Ordinary Life exhibition, a site specific macro installation that link sociology, architecture, new technologies and Urban Art. The solo exhibition, curated by Alessandra [...]