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  • Excentrique – Work in situ

    Daniel Buren, one of the greatest French artists, tells us about one of his great installations, the great installation Excentriques (s) at the Grand Palais in Paris, of 2012 ( Monumenta). An incredible installation that crosses the nave of the twentieth century pavilion transformed by coloured circles. Suspended structures that interact with light. Daniel Buren [...]
  • La cucina dei colori. Light, colours and eco-sustainability.

    La cucina dei colori by Daliah Giacoma Sottile, Nicola Michieletto, Federica Bottoli and Arianna Marchetti <<The colour is part of the universe, it is around us from dawn to sunset, with its gradations, regulating the rhythm of nature and of our lives.>> A book realized by Daliah Giacoma Sottile, with the chef Nicola Michieletto’s recipes, [...]