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  • Portal Launches May 2016 at Federal Hall National Memorial, NYC

    Organized by the Nonprofit 4heads, Inc. Portal, a new fair featuring dozens of artists, opened to the public on May 4 at historic Federal Hall National Memorial at 26 Wall Street. Developed by 4heads, Inc. – the nonprofit behind Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF) – the fair builds on the organization’s mission to provide new platforms for emerging artists, from across the U.S. and abroad, to engage with the public, arts professionals, and collectors, while highlighting historically significant landmarks across the city.

    KLIMAHOUSE 2012 International trade fair for energy efficient construction Open from 26 Jan 2012 to 29 Jan 2012, Klimahouse Expo is a Construction & Real Estate trade show that dedicated to show the latest products, service, technology and trends. The “Klimahouse” tradeshow in Bolzano is among the leading gatherings in all of Europe for energy-efficient [...]