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  • Codega prize: international lighting design prize

    At its 4th edition, the Codega Prize is the international award to Lighting Design excellences which is assigned to professionals for their creativity and know-how in transforming LED technologies in new ideas.
  • Light on a great story 2000 years after: the house of augustus on the palatine hill

    The Palatine Hill is connected to Romulus’s legendary foundation of Rome and it was mostly considered Rome’s aristocratic neighbourhood, before turning into the Emperor’s private area from Augustus onwards. When the young Octavianus was adopted by Julius Caesar, thus becoming a public figure, he chose orator Hortensius’s former house, in the year 42 B.C. This was to be the first nucleus of a system of buildings, that he destined to represent the elevated and refined image of his power.
  • Illuminare con i LED and “Admire every detail”

    For many reasons, the lighting issues have innate difficulties, some topics are often incomprehensible and this determines projects where light is inadequate or it has reductive role. A good lighting is based on a few principles, but it is not simple to use them to achieve excellence. The new technologies of solid state and of [...]
  • Two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting

    Laboratorio LUCE – Politecnico di Milano In In February 2013, two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting organized by Lab. Luce of the Politecnico di Milano: a Review day and a High training course which include among their teachers Nando Frigerio, Danilo La Rosa, Renato Ferrari, Salvatore Mancinelli, Nicolò Oliva, Massimo Piccinini, Giovanni Pinna, Maurizio [...]
  • A new light for the church Maria SS. Immacolata

    (Italiano) chiesa
  • “Open Doors to Home Automation”: a future at hand

    “Open Doors to Home Automation”: a future at hand, different, pragmatic and comfortable. The seminar that took place the last 28th on April in Puglia at Foel Spa, has been really appreciated, a seminar sponsored by the Politecnico of Bari, the Province of Taranto and the Commune of San Giorgio Jonico. As one of the [...]
  • workshop Monuments Lighting

    workshop MONUMENTS LIGHTING 23rd – 28th April 2012 theory and applications (10.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 17.00 – 18.30) A proper use of light highlights and enhances the semantic quality of the architectural environment and makes possible a strong and alive relation between built environment and urban space surrounding them. Lighting leads and orients [...]