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  • Carlo Bernardini Invisible dimensions

    Milan Malpensa Airport 18 May to 18 October 2016 At “La Porta di Milano”, the environmental installation of light that transforms the space, changing the perceptive coordinates of the viewer. Milan, May 2016 - SEA presents from May 18 to October 18, 2016, at the airport of Milan Malpensa, Invisible Dimensions, the work of Carlo Bernardini, an artist who, since the nineties, has been conducting experimental research based on the element light-space, creating installations of fiber optic and sculptures.

    Ordinary Life by Alessandra Redaelli The meeting that is going to loom at the Angel Art Gallery in Milan from the 13th of May is really important: Gianfranco Pulitano presents, in the Ordinary Life exhibition, a site specific macro installation that link sociology, architecture, new technologies and Urban Art. The solo exhibition, curated by Alessandra [...]