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  • Lighting design for the show- SHOW – 9a

    In February 2015, two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting organized by Lab. Luce of Politecnico di Milano: a Review day and a High training course which include among their teachers Nando Frigerio, Renato Ferrari, Salvatore Mancinelli, Nicolò Oliva, Giovanni Pinna, Maurizio Rossi, and Marco Zucchinali. Both initiatives are realized with the contribution of Clay [...]
  • Lighting Design dai Fondamenti al CAD – 8th edition

    Lighting Design dai Fondamenti al CAD – 8th edition High education course of Poli.Design Consortium Course period: 2-31 October 2013 Course Director: prof. Maurizio Rossi The eighth edition of the permanent training course, realized thanks to the cooperation of Osram and Oxytech and under the patronage of AIDI (Italian Lighting Association) and APIL (Italian Lighting [...]