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  • Pomezia Light Festival

    From 9 to 11 June 2017 it will take place the first edition of Pomezia Light Festival, an overview in the programme of events during the summer in Pomezia. Pomezia Light Festival is one of the first festival of light art in the Region Lazio and the very first in Agro Romano. The aim of the festival is to gather in the little town upon Agro Romano some artists who make the light as their expressive media, by using new and old technologies.
  • F Light Florence Light Festival

    Florence becomes brighter and lighter with its churches, towers, piazzas and monuments turning into targets of illumination. In locations all over the city light will take center stage with projections, light shows and games and educational activities.
  • Alberobello Light Festival

    From 23 to 31 july 2016 the World Capital of Trulli will light up one more time during the 1st International Edition of the Alberobello Light Festival. The 4th Festival edition will be dedicated to the ‘Visions’ of each featured artist around the themes of light and light art, revealing very own personal perspectives.