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  • The importance of the lighting designer: Francesca Smiraglia’s project

    The importance of the lighting designer support and a good lighting planning to improve spaces we live according to the functional and the emotional aspect in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Peep-Hole presents Anno Tropico

    Peep-Hole presents Anno Tropico, the first solo show of the designers Formafantasma in an Italian institution. Anno Tropico is Peep-Hole’s first initiative in the field of design, exploring the border zones between this discipline and contemporary art research.
  • images from a lighting workshop

    The course had a specific address about the practical part for what concerns lights in theater, assembly, positioning of the lighting devices and also the theoretical part related to the use of color in the theater stage and intensity lighting. A brief introduction concerning to the use of color in the sets and then wider [...]
  • Light: a new material for architecture

    LIGHT: A NEW MATERIAL FOR ARCHITECTURE Great interest arose around the conference“Light: a new material for architecture” organized by Luce Mania SA at Modì Design, in Mendrisio, having as speakers Prof. Piergiorgio Capparucci from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and Prof. Stefano Dall’Osso, Lighting & Industrial Designer of SPLD (Swiss Professional Lighting Design) [...]
  • Light painting in the Museum

    LIGHT–PAINTING IN THE MUSEUM The Museum of the AccademiaLigustica of Fine Arts (Genova – Italy) adheres to M’ILLUMINO DI MENO, the biggest celebration of the Energy Saving, launched by Caterpillar – Radio2 through an event of Light Painting that involves Students of the lighting course by Liliana Iadelucaof the AccademiaLigustica. The Directorate of the Museum [...]
  • Album – Telling Stories with Light: Fine Art Photography

    Album, like an Lp record or, regarding photography, a photos collection, manifest. But, etimologic-ally speaking, the word “album” comes from latin for “white”. And light, shiny, white and clear, gives reason to be (from about two centuries) to photography. That’s why at Album, the fourth collective exhibition of Garage Bonci, contemporary art space in Pietrasanta, [...]
  • Excentrique – Work in situ

    Daniel Buren, one of the greatest French artists, tells us about one of his great installations, the great installation Excentriques (s) at the Grand Palais in Paris, of 2012 ( Monumenta). An incredible installation that crosses the nave of the twentieth century pavilion transformed by coloured circles. Suspended structures that interact with light. Daniel Buren [...]