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  • Lighting design for the show – 10th edition

    In April 2016, two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting organized by Lab. Luce of Politecnico di Milano: a short course and a high training course
  • Light and Matter

    It was held on Saturday, on June 22 at Mettinluce, the “Light and Matter” round table with the participation of important professional men. Antonella Amico, engineer, AIDI member, introduced the evening, explaining the reasons that led to the organization of this conference, whose title enhances the importance of the relationship between matter and therefore materials [...]
  • Children’s dreams interpreted by university students

    CHILDREN’S DREAMS INTERPRETED BY UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Monika Moro A beautiful project has been realized in Milan on december, Urban Lights seen by Children. This initiative has found “light” also at Euroluce, involving several generations of actors, both children, both university students and adults. It was presented by an exhibition and a conference. The project was [...]