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  • Lighting concept of the Cathedral of Crema

    LIGHTING CONCEPTOF THE CATHEDRAL OF CREMA Arch. Francesca Storaro (AILD, AIDI, PLDA, IALD) The building as we now see it replaced the onedestroyed by Barbarossa in 1160. In 1185 reconstruction work began on the eastern side. In 1212 work was halted, only to start up again in 1284, changing to a gothic style. The church [...]
  • Silvio De Ponte. A trip among Soul, Senses and Mediterranean Sensuality

    OLEA Spa | A trip among Soul, Senses and Mediterranean Sensuality. Silvio De Ponte Project | De Ponte Studio A trip to Puglia Rimini Sia Guest Fair 61st International Hospitality Exhibition Silvio De Ponte – Olea Spa Project. Olea, is the name of an ancient and long-lived plant of olive trees in the Mediterranean area, [...]