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  • Workshop “Light Design in the show Theatre”

    Light Design in the show Theatre” ROMA 6 - 9 Settembre 2016 TEATRO STUDIO ELEONORA DUSE via Vittoria, 6 (P.zza di Spagna) “Light Design in the show Theatre” Intensive workshop organized by the International Academy of LIGHT in collaboration with, Accademia Silvio d'Amico ETC srl
  • Caravaggio Experience, a original installation to explore Caravaggio’s artistic career

    Caravaggio Experience, a powerful and totally original video installation, adopts a contemporary approach to the work of art to explore Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio's artistic career. The use of a sophisticated multi-projection system on a massive scale, combined with an original musical score and permeated with fragrances, takes visitors on a unique sensoral journey based on total immersion in the art of this 17th century master.
  • RGB-LIGHT FEST 2016 Rome Glocal Brightness

    RGB Light Fest - Roma Glocal Brightness is an artistic urban light project that reveals the beauty of Rome by a walk through areas that have been representing the entrance into the city.
  • Light on a great story 2000 years after: the house of augustus on the palatine hill

    The Palatine Hill is connected to Romulus’s legendary foundation of Rome and it was mostly considered Rome’s aristocratic neighbourhood, before turning into the Emperor’s private area from Augustus onwards. When the young Octavianus was adopted by Julius Caesar, thus becoming a public figure, he chose orator Hortensius’s former house, in the year 42 B.C. This was to be the first nucleus of a system of buildings, that he destined to represent the elevated and refined image of his power.
  • Peep-Hole presents Anno Tropico

    Peep-Hole presents Anno Tropico, the first solo show of the designers Formafantasma in an Italian institution. Anno Tropico is Peep-Hole’s first initiative in the field of design, exploring the border zones between this discipline and contemporary art research.